Lawful intercept

Service providers perform lawful intercept activities such as wiretapping to meet government mandated legal requirements. While exact delays vary according to the jurisdiction, there is usually an obligation to commence lawful intercept activities within a set timeframe.

Schematic showing use of TelcoBridges' Tmonitor devices in a lawful intercept context
Schematic showing interception of a call already routed with a Tmedia

TelcoBridges and Lawful intercept

The TelcoBridges products offer 2 options to add Lawful interception in the network:

  • Development platform using the Tmonitor product line.
  • Built-in Lawful Interception feature of the Tmedia, either with local routing or with H.248.

Development platform

Solution developers can customize lawful intercept to meet regulatory needs. For more about the Tmonitor interception capacities, click the link below:

Tmedia built-in lawful interception

Service providers can be compliant to government regulation with Tmedia a built-in solution. Go to the following link to learn more:


Wikipedia article