How to Start Stream Server

How to start a Stream Server with Toolpack

Stream Server application (tbstreamserver) is used to play and record files to and from the Tmedia platforms. For example, the gateway application RingBack tone behavior uses this Stream Server application to play files to the caller while waiting for the other party to answer. The platform requires to have IVR DSPs to play or record files.

To start a Stream Server on a host server:

Status -> Applications-> stream_server -> Oam target state -> Run

The default file extensions are these ones:

“.alaw": Raw alaw encoded audio file (8khz, 8 bits, mono, alaw)
".ulaw": Raw ulaw encoded audio file (8khz, 8 bits, mono, ulaw)
".pcm" : Linear 16 bits PCM audio file (8khz, 16 bits, mono)
".g721": ADPCM 32Kbps, G721 encoding
".g723": ADPCM 24Kbps, G723 encoding
".g726": ADPCM 16Kbps, G726 encoding
".vox" : ADPCM 32Kbps (Dialogic) encoding
".vox6": ADPCM 24Kbps (6Kbps sampling rate) (Dialogic) encoding
".wav" : Microsoft Wave file format using any of the following options: aLaw / uLaw, PCM 8 bits / 16 bits, ADPCM (G721 32Kbps, G723 24Kbps or G726 16Kbps), Mono / Stereo, 8Khz, 11.025Khz, 16Khz, 22.05Khz, 44.1Khz or 48Khz

".tiff" for terminating or generating a fax (requires VoIP devices)

To modify default file extensions, you can do these steps:

  • Download tb640_[version]_[OS]_release.tgz file
  • Copy the file tb\apps\tbstreamserver\config.txt file of the streamserver in:
  • Then you go in the web portal to select the configuration:
Applications-> configurations -> tbstreamserver (Edit) -> add "-c config.txt" in the parameters

The extra_audio_file_extension overrides default file extension