Gateway Port

This page explains the Gateway Port concept in Telcobridges system, also known as TBX_GW_PORT, TbxGwPort or Toolpack System Id.

The Gateway Port is a UDP port use to control the Tmedia units (Do not confuse the UDP gateway port with the IP gateway address). TelcoBridges strongly recommends that this setting be left at its default value: 12358.

Tmedia units on the same UDP gateway port will be automatically detected by any application using the TBX host library on the same UDP gateway port.

Different UDP gateway ports can be useful for the segmentation of application development from deployments that are both configured to operate on the same physical network and IP subnet. Make certain that all applications are configured to use the same values.


To modify the Gateway Port of a TMedia Unit, Telnet the Telecommunication IP of the unit (not the embedded Linux host's IP in case of TMG product), and use the following command:


Press 'enter' to leave current value for all parameters, except when asked for the 'gateway port' value.