Factory Reset

Applies to version(s): v2.9, v2.10

This function is available on TMG800 units shipped since October 2015
The Factory reset function will put the unit in the same state as when it was shipped from TelcoBridges, including the software version.
After this procedure, there will be no configuration on the unit. The unit will have the default password: Please contact Support if you do not have this password.
You may have to install a new software version on the unit (see Version History and System upgrade ).

The Factory reset button is located in a small hole at the right of the shutdown button.
TMG800 Reset button.bmp
Use a trombone to press the button on the front. Keep the button pressed for 10 seconds until the LEDs become red, then release it. Wait from 2 to 5 minutes to access the system.

Please follow the installation guide for information on how to access the system.
Once the system is accessible, you can recover a database backup that was previously generated (see Restoring a database backup)