Custom SIP BYE headers format

The custom SIP BYE headers field is formatted similarly to Text CDR records. For example, the following content:

X-Test: This is a test.
P-RTP-Stat: PL=@{Stat:Rtp:Rx:Error:LostPackets}, DU=@{CallDuration}

Would put the following SIP headers in the BYE packet:

X-Test: This is a test.
P-RTP-Stat: PL=0, DU=12

For a call which lasted 12 seconds and had no packet loss.

For P-RTP-Stat SIP BYE headers, it is recommended to use the following content in release 2.8:

P-RTP-Stat: PS=@{Stat:Rtp:Tx:VoicePackets}, PR=@{Stat:Rtp:Rx:VoicePackets}, OR=@{Stat:Rtp:Rx:VoiceBytes}, PL=@{Stat:Rtp:Rx:Error:LostPackets}, JI=@{Stat:Rtcp:Jitter}, DU=@{CallDuration}

The following link provides the statistics format: Call statistics format.

Here is the list of fields specific to SIP BYE headers:

Field name Description
@{CallDuration} Call duration, in seconds
@{CallDurationMs} Call duration, in milliseconds