Compiling Toolpack

Toolpack is provided with most of it's source code, so developers can develop their own applications, use example code, and even debug problems within the Toolpack framework if necessary. The following procedure explains how to compile Toolpack.


The following procedure provide examples for package 2.5.53 for centos5 64 bits. Please adapt the procedure below for your platform and build number.


Before compiling Toolpack's source code, make sure your host has all Toolpack prerequisites. In this case the "Toolpack Development Prerequisite" are NOT optional

Download source code and pre-compiled libraries

A couple of packages need to be downloaded. Some that contain source code, other that contain pre-compiled binaries and libraries for your platform.

Please download the following source code packages:

  • tb640_2.5.53_common.tgz
  • tbcmc_2.5.53_common.tgz

Please download the following binary packages (where 2.X.X is the version you wish to compile, and [platform] is your platform, like "x86_64-linux64_centos5_release"):

  • tb640_2.5.53_x86_64-linux64_centos5_release.tgz
  • tbcmc_2.5.53_x86_64-linux64_centos5_release.tgz

You can also download documentation package:


Unzip all packages

Unzip all the packages above in the same folder (say "yes" when asked to replace duplicated files):

  • tar -zxf tb640_2.5.53_common.tgz
  • tar -zxf tb640_2.5.53_x86_64-linux64_centos5_release.tgz
  • tar -zxf tbcmc_2.5.53_common.tgz
  • tar -zxf tbcmc_2.5.53_x86_64-linux64_centos5_release.tgz

Compile in release

To compile in release (use X86_64=1 flag only for 64 bits packages):

  • cd tb/src
  • make all X86_64=1

Compile in debug

To compile in debug (use X86_64=1 flag only for 64 bits packages):

  • For release 2.4 and less only: mv lib/release lib/debug
  • cd src
  • make all DBG=1 X86_64=1

Compilation results

The libraries pre-compiled from the packages are located in

  • lib/official/x86_64-linux64/

The libraries you compiled yourself are located in

  • lib/release/x86_64-linux64/


  • lib/debug/x86_64-linux64/

Makefiles, when linking, will first use the libraries you compiled (if present), otherwise the official libraries. This allow compiling only applications, or only some libraries of the package, without having to recompile the whole thing.

Windows Platform

  • Only 32bit is supported (don't use X86_64=1 flag)

1) Compile the library directory

  • cd tb/src/libraries
  • make all

2) Compile toolpack

  • cd tb/src
  • make all