How to Lower The Trace Level on an Application

Sometimes a lower level log trace than the default setting is needed when troubleshooting an issue. Each application has it's own trace level that can be changed using the the CLI. When creating a TBReport past logs are fetched and compressed. If the trace levels were lowered during troubleshooting, the report will include the more detailed logs.

Lowering Application Trace Level using the CLI

  1. Log into your TelcoBridges unit with SSH and type 'tbx_cli_tools_remote'
    This should present you with the following screen, which is a list of applications running on this system.
    Tbxtools list.png
  2. Select the application to open. (In our example we will use Gateway)
    Gateway app.png
  3. Every application will have a slightly different set of commands as there are some application specific functions. To see the available actions, press '?' at any time. For all applications the character 'T' will prompt you to enter a new trace level.
    Note the 'T' is capital, a lower-case 't' is assigned to a different action ex. Terminate Call in the 'gateway' application
    Tracelevel prompt.png
  4. The application will show the current trace level in the format 0x3 where '3' is the current level.
    Tracelevel seta.png
  5. Disregard this formatting and type the desired level as a single integer.
    Tracelevel setb.png
  6. Press "enter" and your change will be applied. You can check the logs for confirmation.
    Tracelevel setc.png