Enabling the SNMP Agent

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This article applies to: Product Version
Tmedia 2.7

Before you begin, verify that the selinux service is disabled, otherwise it will prevent the SNMP service from starting. Connect SSH to the unit's management port and follow these instructions:

Once you are logged on to the Web Portal, follow these steps to activate the tbSnmpAgent application:

  1. Click Applications in the navigation panel.

Snmp click hosts applications 0 A.png

  1. In the Applications information window, select tbsnmpagent.

Snmp click hosts applications 1 A.png

  1. In the Application Configuration information window, select the available host. Click << to move it to the current hosts list.

Snmp select available host.png

  1. Upon returning to the Applications Status information window, verify that the tbsnmpagent is in a Ready / Run state. This indicates that it is active.

Snmp status run.png

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