Toolpack system systemId reconfiguration 2-3

This procedure explains how to change the SystemId of a Toolpack system.

Step 1: Change the SystemId of your system

Choose one of the 2 following methods:

First Method: Through the Web Portal

  • Log on the Web Portal
  • Go into the System menu
  • Edit your system (ex. system_1)
  • Change the Gateway Port(SystemId)
  • Press the Save button

Second Method: Directly in the database

To use if you don't have access to the web portal.

  • Connect to the database.
   mysql -utbdb -p -h 'MyHostName' toolpack_0
  • Modify the adapter serial number (serial number of the Tmedia motherboard) WARNING:: Do not confuse with Linux host serial number!
   UPDATE virtual_adapters SET serial='[NewTmediaSerial]' WHERE serial='[OldTmediaSerial]';
   UPDATE virtual_adapters SET name='[NewTmediaSerial]' WHERE name='[OldTmediaSerial]';
  • Modify the system_infos table
   UPDATE system_infos SET gw_port='NewSystemId' where gw_port='OldSystemId';
  • Exit

Step 2: Install the new SystemId

  • Use the Toolpack installer to install the SystemId:

System reconfiguration procedure for Toolpack release v2.3

Step 3: Stop the Toolpack service

  • Stop the service
   tbtoolpack stop OldSystemId

Step 4: Change the SystemId of all the Tmedia and TMS

  • Telnet to a Tmedia
    • For example, on a TMG, "telnet"
  • Enter the 'set_boot' command
  • Press enter until you see the following line:
   gateway port (TBX_GW_PORT=OldSystemId)? :
  • Press the Enter key
  • Press Ctrl + c
  • Reboot the Tmedia
  • Repeat those steps for all the Tmedia and TMS of your system

Step 5: Start the Toolpack service

  • Start the new service
   tbtoolpack start NewSystemId

Step 6: Uninstall the old Toolpack service

  • Uninstall the old Toolpack service (NOTE: uninstalling the service will not erase the [InstallDir]/toolpack/setup/[OldSystemId] directory)
   tbtoolpack uninstall OldSystemId

Step 7: Enable the new Toolpack service at startup

  • If you want the Toolpack service to start when the host boot, enter the following command:
   tbtoolpack enable NewSystemId