Toolpack minor upgrades 2-3

This page is the procedure to do a minor upgrade on a 2-3 system.

Note: Minor upgrades can be done without service interruption if the system is HA.

Run Toolpack Installer

Toolpack Installer for release 2.3
Toolpack Installer for release 2.4
Toolpack Installer for release 2.5 (same as 2.4)

Active New package

  • Check if Software Package is available in the web portal

Click on:


Note: If not available click on "Create New Package"

  • Activate new software package
 Systems->Edit->Activate Package

Select software Package and click on


It may take a few minutes to do the upgrade. You can refresh the main Status page to get update on the process.

Database backup is created on Activate New Package

Please note that a backup of the Mysql configuration database will be created here and can be restored if needed:


Format is like this:


For example, software release 2.3.20 on Linux:


Same on Windows:


To restore a database backup file into your database

mysql -u [MySqlUserName] --password=[MySqlPassword] < [[BackupNameFile].sql


 mysql -u tbdb --password=tbdbpw toolpack_0 < database_upgrade_bkp_toolpack_0_2009_09_15_14_47_04_v0_40_0_12361_is_valid.sql