Toolpack major upgrades 2-5

This page is the procedure migrate a Toolpack v2-2, v2-3 or v2-4 system to a Toolpack v2-5 system.

Warning: Major upgrades require service interruption.

Stop Toolpack Service

 tbtoolpack stop

Follow Migration Guide

For Toolpack v2-3 or v2-4 system:

Migration Guide Procedures for v2-5

For Toolpack v2-2 system (migrate your system from v2-2 to v2-3 then v2-3 to v2-5):

Migration guide Procedures for v2-3
Migration Guide Procedures for v2-5

Run Toolpack Installer

The steps for running the installer did not change since 2.4

Toolpack Installer

Copy the license

If not already done with the installation copy the license in the licenses directory




Verify that the Toolpack service will start v2.5

Open the following file with vi (Linux) or Notepad (Windows).

Example with default settings:

 vi /lib/tb/toolpack/setup/12358/service/config.txt                 (Linux)
 notepad C:\TelcoBridges\toolpack\setup\12358\service\config.txt    (Windows) 

Make sure that the 'application=' line contain '2.5'.

Example with default settings:

 application= /lib/tb/toolpack/setup/12358/2.5/apps/tboamapp/tboamapp_wd_cfg.ini             (For Linux)
 application= C:\TelcoBridges\toolpack\setup\12358\2.5\apps\tboamapp\tboamapp_wd_cfg.ini     (For Windows)

Copy audio files from StreamServer **If you are using Streamserver**

Skip this step if you're note using the streamserver or if you don't know what is the streamserver
Customs audio files played by the StreamServer are not copied automatically by the system. Therefore, you are required to copy them by hand.

Linux (copy audio files from a v2.4 system to v2.5)

cp /lib/tb/toolpack/setup/12358/2.4/apps/tbstreamserver/*.wav /lib/tb/toolpack/setup/12358/2.5/apps/tbstreamserver
cp /lib/tb/toolpack/setup/12358/2.4/apps/tbstreamserver/prompts/*.wav /lib/tb/toolpack/setup/12358/2.5/apps/tbstreamserver/prompts

Windows (copy audio files from a v2.4 system to v2.5)

copy C:\TelcoBridges\toolpack\setup\12358\2.4\apps\*.wav C:\TelcoBridges\toolpack\setup\12358\2.5\apps\tbstreamserver
copy C:\TelcoBridges\toolpack\setup\12358\2.4\apps\*.wav C:\TelcoBridges\toolpack\setup\12358\2.5\apps\tbstreamserver/prompts

Start Toolpack Service

 tbtoolpack start

Configuration Upgrade

Follow the following article to upgrade your configuration Web Portal migration guide v2-5
Note: This procedure is mandatory if you plan to do ANY modifications to your configuration.