Downloading a License for SBC Units

Applies to version(s): v3.0, v3.1

First Time Installation

For a first time installation of FreeSBC and ProSBC, use this procedure from the web portal of the SBC:
1. Connect to the web server:

Using a web browser, connect to the web portal by typing the following in your address bar:

  • http://[DEVICE IP ADDRESS]:12358

For example

2. Logging on to the Web Portal: In order to log on to the Web Portal configuration tool, enter the root user ID and password. The default values for these parameters are:

  • User ID: root
  • Default password: root

3. Get the license here:

Maintenance -> Packages and Licenses -> Get or renew license

This will download and install the required license for this unit. <br\>

No internet access

If your system does not have access to the internet, Click on Download History to get the seed and send this file to <br\> This will be used to generate the initial license of the unit and the support group will send you this license.

Upload License

Then, you can upload the license: Upload a license


Once the license is installed, you can configure the SBC