Configuring a VLAN

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SBC 3.1

After you create a virtual port, you must create a new VLAN.

To configure a VLAN

1. Select IP Interfaces from the navigation panel

Create Vlan Interface Tsbc 0.png

2. Click the Virtual Ports tab.

  • Select a Virtual Port

Create Vlan Interface Tsbc 1.png

3. Create a VLAN that uses this virtual port

  • Click Create new Host VLAN

Create Vlan Interface Tsbc 2.png

4. Configure the new VLAN

Important Note

Vlans can be configured on the SBC in these cases:

  • Baremetal installation
  • VMware installation with Passthrough or SR-IOV network interfaces
  • VMware installation with a network interface using vlan ID 4095

Vlans should not be configured on the SBC in this case:

  • VMware installation with network interfaces using vlans from 1 to 4094

In this case, all interfaces on the SBC should be configured as untagged. Vlans are configured in the VMware port Groups.
Please check here: How to add VMware Network Interfaces

If VLANs must be configured, follow these steps:

  • Enter a name for the VLAN
  • If the port is to be used untagged, make sure Untagged is checked.
  • If the port is to be used with a 802.1Q tag, uncheck Untagged and enter a VLAN ID.
  • Click Create

Create Vlan Interface Tsbc 3.png


Create Vlan Interface Tsbc 4.png

List of Parameters