Upgrading Toolpack System

There are three types of Toolpack upgrades. They are major, minor and license upgrades.

Note: A fourth type of intervention, not considered to be an upgrade, is a system reconfiguration.

Before proceeding with an upgrade, ensure that the active configuration is activated and that there are no errors

Global -> Systems -> Edit -> Activate

Software Upgrades

Toolpack Upgrades

Since v2.7.148, it is possible to do minor and major upgrades using the web portal:

Major Upgrade (previous to 2.7.148)

It is considered to be a major upgrade when changing from one full release version or a major point release to another. For example, v2.2 to v2.3.

NOTE: Major upgrades require a service interruption.

Minor Upgrades

It is considered to be a minor upgrade when moving from one minor point release to another. For example, v2.3.1 to v2.3.2. Minor upgrades can be done without service interruption if the system is configured as High Availability (HA).

Operating System Upgrades

The TMG-CONTROL software is running over CentOS operating system. To upgrade the operating system, it requires the following procedure:

License Upgrades

A license upgrade activates new functionality or capacity in the system. Examples of license upgrades include adding SS7 signalling, or unlocking additional IVR capabilities.

System Reconfiguration

A system reconfiguration is required when:

Important: System reconfiguration requires an interruption of service.

To reconfigure the SystemId follow this procedure:

For all other types of reconfiguration follow this procedure: