Tmonitor Lawful Intercept

TelcoBridges' Tmonitor provides a high-performance API-based network monitoring development platform for solution developers. Its cost-effectiveness makes the Tmonitor the hardware of choice for lawful intercept activities.

Tmonitor devices perform non-intrusive, full-duplex monitoring, filtering, and analysis of traffic such as SS7 and ISDN signaling, HDLC frames, as well as raw traffic on T1/E1/JI or STM-1 interfaces at line speed, providing up to 100% packet capture. It features highly configurable on-board packet filters so that only relevant information is captured from traffic streams and stored. Tmonitor also allows service providers to also record up to 256 channels of voice traffic in the TM1000 and much higher in subsequent models.

Unlike software-based solutions running on the base station controller, Tmonitor devices impose no additional overhead on the core network equipment. Unlike a hardware probe, Tmonitor creates no additional latency and therefore no performance hit.

Schematic showing use of TelcoBridges' Tmonitor devices in a lawful intercept context

One important note: The very same Tmonitor hardware that is installed at a service provider and is used to respond to lawful intercept mandates can be used to perform network monitoring activities and provide location-based services. This allows service providers to maximize their investment by achieving additional business objectives, and in the case of location-based-services, actually monetizing the data generated by network activity.