Tmedia Major Upgrade

This article shows how to do a major upgrade.

Web Portal Upgrade

Important: You need to run version 2.7.148 or later, to do a major upgrade through the web.

The procedure is the same as a minor upgrade.

Manual Upgrade

Important: You need to use this procedure if your system runs version before 2.7.148.

Warning: Major upgrades require service interruption.

Note: For high availability systems, all the following commands needs to be executed on both units (for 1+1 systems) and both TMG7800-CTRL (for TMG7800 systems)

Lawful Intercept prerequisites

Note: Only applicable for units shipped before to February 7th 2013 needs to install the following gems.

Install prerequisites

Verify Ruby gem version:

gem –v


1.3.6  (or later release)

Verify Ruby gem folder:

which gem



If both of these are ok, continue with the pre-requisites, otherwise, contact

gem install --local ./bundler-1.2.3.gem
gem install --local ./json-1.7.7.gem

Validate prerequisites installation

Execute the following command:

gem list

If installed properly, you should see the following:

*** LOCAL GEMS ***

bundler (1.2.3)    <--- bundler 1.2.3
fcgi (0.8.7)
json (1.7.7)       <--- json 1.7.7

Note: If the results deviates from the above, please contact TelcoBridges Support.

Install package

  • Transfer new installer using sftp on the Tmedia unit
  • Run installer on the unit

Verify that the system will run on the correct version:

cat /lib/tb/toolpack/setup/12358/service/config.txt | grep  tb/toolpack

Example of a v2.7 system configuration

application= /lib/tb/toolpack/setup/12358/2.7/apps/tboamapp/tboamapp_wd_cfg.ini

Install licenses

If not already done through the installer, copy the licenses in the licenses directory


Copy audio files from StreamServer (optional)

Note: Only applicable if you have custom audio files.

Customs audio files played by the StreamServer are not copied automatically by the system. Therefore, it must be done manually.

Example of copying custom audio files from a v2.6 to v2.7 system:

cp /lib/tb/toolpack/setup/12358/2.6/apps/tbstreamserver/*.wav /lib/tb/toolpack/setup/12358/2.7/apps/tbstreamserver
cp /lib/tb/toolpack/setup/12358/2.6/apps/tbstreamserver/prompts/*.wav /lib/tb/toolpack/setup/12358/2.7/apps/tbstreamserver/prompts

Restart Toolpack Service

 tbtoolpack stop
 tbtoolpack start