TelcoBridges Support Time Tracking Tool

Every month, TelcoBridges partners receive a report showing the balance of their Support Bank hours. A negative value means that the account is in deficit. In such a case, we invite our Partners to promptly contact a sales representative to acquire new TB support hour banks.

To consult their TB Support activities, our partners can access TelcoBridges TB Support Time tracking tool


The login/password is created when our customers purchase 9/5 or 24/7 professional services hours. Please contact TelcoBridges TB Support to get this login information.

Export view

Once you are logged in, choose the Export tab. This view shows the professional services hour units withdrawn from your account and also the units deposited to your account.

Kimai export tab.png

Columns definition

Column Name Definition
Date Date when support was provided
In Start time (EST timezone)
Out End time (EST timezone)
h'm Duration in hours:minutes
Time A chargeable task is rated at '-1' (per hour) and a non-chargeable task is rated at '0'
Rate/Total Number of bank units withdrawn from the support bank account
Customer Customer name
Project Support bank (9-5 or 24-7). See TB Support A la Carte for more information
Task Task that was performed : Configuration, Installation, Troubleshooting, and more.
Comment Provide detail on the the nature of the task that was performed

Selecting the report date range

By default, when you log in, the Date range will show the current month only. Select the report period by changing the start date.

Kimai export date range.png

Changing the report date format

By default, the report Dateformat is 'd.m.'. To change it and include the year:

  1. Click the clock icon ((upper left, just below the Export tab)
  2. Set the date format to 'D' (m/d/y).

Kimai export dateformat.png

Changing the view filter

The view entries can be filtered by Project and by Tasks. You can also choose what type of entries to view.
Note: Expenses entries represent the professional services hours that have been added to your support account

  1. Click the funnel shaped icon (upper left, just below the Export tab)
  2. Select times and expenses to view all entries

Kimai export filter.png

Exporting or printing

The view entries can be exported to a file or printed (see icons locate at the upper right).

The supported export files are : PDF, XLS and CSV

Kimai export exporting report.png

Suggested export options

Make sure to use below options on export to get the full report

Kimai export exporting options.png

Current balance of hours

  1. Select the report date range with a start date that includes all the entries of your account since its creation
  2. Set the view filter to show all the entries ('times and expenses)
  3. Set the view filter to either your 5-9 or 24-7 project (click the funnel shapes icon of the project name to filter)
  4. Export into a .xls or .csv
  5. Open the file in your favourite spreadsheet editor and perform a summation on all the entries of the Rate/Total column
  6. The summation should match your support account balance