Submitting an Issue to TelcoBridges Support

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When submitting a problem, your ability to provide relevant information about your system will greatly help the TelcoBridges support team in its efforts to bring to you a quick resolution.

Required information: System configuration

Please provide the following required information:

Description of the issue

  • Describe the issue and clearly as possible and with as much details possible.
  • Describe the steps or context in which the issues was experienced.
  • Provide steps to reproduce the issue, if possible.
  • Tracking number (If one was already provided to you by TelcoBridges TB Support)

System information

  • Type of TelcoBridges hardware device(s) (ex. TMG800, TMG3200, TMP6400, etc.)
  • Serial numbers of TelcoBridges hardware units (ex. TBxxxxxxx)
  • Topology diagram
  • Call flow diagram (Direction of calls)
  • IP network and connectivity diagram

System configuration / set-up

  • Configuration summary (ex. SIP to SS7, MGC + H.248, ISDN Monitoring, etc.).
  • Software release number (ex. 2.10.8)

Troubleshooting capture
For troubleshooting, the TelcoBridges support team may require additional traces from the system. See Troubleshooting

Logging the issue in TBsupport tracking system

Once you have gathered all of the information required above, please log it in the TBsupport tracking system (bugzilla) here:
This will assign to you a tracking number to follow the progress of the issue. Your account e-mail will receive an update on each comment that is logged.
If you do not have a TBsupport tracking system account, please request one at at the same time as sending the information for the issue.

Providing remote access to your system

If you choose to provide TelcoBridges with remote access to your system for the purpose of issue analysis and resolution, please provide the connection Information (SSH,, VPN, GoToMeeting, etc.)