ProSBC:Integration with YouMail Fraud detection service


This configuration note describes how to set up Telcobridges ProSBC for adding YouMail fraud protection service to any system.


  • ProSBC devices must be installed with release 3.1.113 or later. Here is a link to the installation guides.
  • Need to have an account at YouMail to get a Security ID (SID) and an API key. Trial accounts are available.
  • ProSBC must be configured in one of the ProSBC Use Cases. This script will be an addon to the rest of the configuration.

Example Environment for Fraud Protection with YouMail

Calls received on ProSBC will systematically send a HTTPS request to the YouMail service running on the cloud.
The calling number (ANI) will be verified by the YouMail service and will return a response to the ProSBC with a level.
Call Routes can be configured to pass valid numbers (level 0), pass or block potential spam numbers (level 1), and block fraudulous calls (level 2)

Fraud call with youmail overview.png

Example Configuration

The configuration is mainly adding a script to the ProSBC. See Adding the YouMail Script


Call Trace Test Call TBReport Advanced Troubleshooting of FreeSBC

Video guide

We also have a video guide if you prefer: Youmail configuration video