Migrate current database

Applies to versions: v2.7, v2.8, v2.9, v2.10, v3.0

Note: This checkbox will be available starting from v2.7.148 in Activate package section when doing a major upgrade from web portal.

Select Migrate current database in the Activate package section

Migrate current database.png

Migrate current database clarification

  • When upgrading to the next major software version, and this next major software version had not been upgraded before (for example, 2.7.148 -> 2.8.132, and 2.8.132 had not been upgraded for this system before), it does not matter to check on this Migrate current database checkbox or not. It it recommended to check and enable it for simplicity.
  • If from above example, 2.8.132 had been upgraded before for this system, and some reason user had downgraded again to current lower major software 2.7.148, then user will have the choice when doing a major upgrade again whether to discard or keep the change made in 2.7.148 (while in 2.7.148 after downgraded from 2.8.132), and say, to 2.8.132 (as example from above, can be other higher versions) with previous database of 2.7.148 that containing the previous configuration after completing upgrade to 2.8.132. Since discarding any change while in one software version is uncommon, it is recommended to check on this Migrate current database checkbox to migrate/clone the current database to next major softwar version keeping the change made in current software version. If Migrate current database is not checked, then a fresh database in 2.8.132 will be built.
  • For downgrade, same concept as upgrade above that database will be cloned back to lower version database. But since, higher database structure may be different from lower version database structure perhaps with more fields, then when checked and downgrade, some data may be lost. So, when doing downgrade, it is recommended not to check this Migrate current database.
  • Note that when doing a major upgrade, the current database of current software version will be backup/untouched, in case when there is a need to fall back to this current version at original stage.
  • Prior to version 2.8, database is named as toolpack_0 (for example for current system version if it is 2.7). For 2.8 and above, database is named as toolpack_2_8, toolpack_2_9, accordingly.

Migrate current database diagrams illustration

No change at A at original software version 2.8, Migrate current database is not relevant (check for simplicity)

Mirgate current database - no change at A.png

A changed to B at original software version 2.8, different Migrate current database scenarios

Mirgate current database - A changed to B.png

Changed to B at upgraded software version 2.9, no Migrate current database checked

Mirgate current database - change to B at upgrade.png

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