Operator Interconnection Solution

Operators Interconnection Solutions

Network operators have different interconnection needs whether they are referring to access infrastructure or to other operator/carrier demarcation points. Starting from session density and rapid deployment to extended routing rules, fulfilling these requirements with minimal CAPEX and OPEX is the key to an operators’ success. TelcoBridges’ solution can accomplish these targets with proven state-of-the-art technology and a decade of expertise in bridging traffic between worldwide telcos.

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Interconnecting devices and IP networks means filtering out and normalizing incoming traffic to protect the operator’s network. TelcoBridges’s Session Border Controllers (SBCs) act as SIP Back-to-back User Agents (B2BUA) and regulate both signaling and media streams between borders to ensure legitimate traffic goes through while dropping rogue traffic flows. Whether the demarcation point is on a private network segment or the Internet, TelcoBridges’ solution will only let valid customers get through.

Rapid and ease of deployments

For operators, deploying innovative services in a fast and efficient manner is crucial for customer satisfaction. TelcoBridges’ solutions offer multiple provisioning and monitoring interfaces allowing for rapid integration into existing operator infrastructures. With legacy console configuration to RESTful API programmatic provisioning and a web interface, the SBC product can satisfy all operation personnel, from on-site technicians to network operations center (NOC) engineers and provisioning department members - TelcoBridges solutions are built to fit in these different environments.

Carrier Grade

Operators cannot settle for anything less than five-nines equipment backed-up by a solid 24/7 support program available year round. It is the only way to deliver top quality services to end customers. TelcoBridges is proud to have deployed carrier grade equipment over the last decade in more than 100 countries around the world.

Cost effectiveness

Having access to SBC solutions that offer a wide range of session density, without limitation over an extended feature set, is key to keeping operational expenses low as it allows the reuse of the same architecture for multiple locations in the network. TelcoBridges SBC solutions all support the same vast feature set and operational interfaces thus assuring quick return-on-investment (ROI).

IP network adaptation and routing

Interconnecting networks invariably implies routing traffic toward proper endpoints and adapting this same traffic for the targeted destination. TelcoBridges solutions offer a highly flexible autonomous, or remotely controlled, routing engine integrated with SIP message analysis and alteration scripting architecture. All the capabilities required to adapt for a mobile network or simply for an IP PBX are present in the products.

FreeSBC Session Border Controller is ideal for operators’ interconnection needs