NGN Interconnection Solution

NGN Interconnection Solutions

Network operators have increasingly migrated to next generation networks where the core is all IP. Regardless if the packet core is standardized over IMS or simply using a softswitch infrastructure, operators can trust TelcoBridges Session Border Controller products for the IP interconnection between internal devices and/or demarcation points toward external IP networks. Conversion to all-IP has opened network infrastructure to new services and user innovations but also increased the interoperability challenges that come with the SIP protocol. Requirements for robustness, ease of deployment and maintenance are still very present for tier-1 operators willing to benefit from this new technology without increasing the existing CAPEX and OPEX of their network. TelcoBridges solutions offer a flexible call routing engine, session density, integrated media transcoding, security and extensive protocol adaptation while keeping it all easily manageable and operable to make sure operators keep their focus on customer services, not network equipment.

IP network adaptation and routing

TelcoBridges Session Border Controllers benefit from a decade of experience making IP devices that interoperate with each other. As a SIP Back-to-back User Agent (B2BUA), the solution offers a powerful routing engine to receive, inspect, modify and eventually route (or drop) SIP sessions. High-level autonomous routing features such as backup routes, priority, load balancing and more are available for customization to fit the needs of operators. External routing engines such as database and RADIUS/Diameter (ro interface) are also possible to integrate with existing infrastructures.

Rapid and ease of deployments

What is a next generation network without an adequate operation and management infrastructure? TelcoBridges’ provisioning and monitoring interfaces allow for quick operations and troubleshooting by a local technician through a web GUI or a console interface while also providing a complete remotely accessible machine-to-machine RESTful language. Supporting these interfaces along with more traditional ways of network provisioning/monitoring such as SNMP or configuration files, TelcoBridges’ SBC are the fastest and easiest network equipment to deploy which can adapt to an operator’s existing operation infrastructure.


Whether the interconnections happen within a single private network, between multiple internal networks or straight through the Internet, having a demarcation point with built-in security is always a plus to guarantee your services stability. TelcoBridges’s solution is built to act as such demarcation point and to normalize the incoming SIP and media traffic so an operators’ internal devices don’t have to worry about it. You can trust TelcoBridges’ SBC to be that guardian.

Carrier Grade

With the many possible SBC products present in the market today, it is really important for operators to select solutions that fit their demanding environment. Nothing less than carrier grade equipment with five nines redundancy combined with year around 24/7 support is the baseline for worry-free infrastructure. TelcoBridges has been designing and deploying carrier grade solutions for carriers and operators for the last decade in more than 100 countries around the world. We have the solution and the experience operators need.

FreeSBC Session Border Controller is ideal to interconnect Next Generation Networks