Carrier Interconnection Solution

Carrier Interconnection Solutions

VoIP Carriers can trust TelcoBridges Session Border Controller products to provide an efficient and safe SIP interconnection interface to other IP carriers over dedicated networks or over the Internet. Our solutions offer high session density, integrated media transcoding with a wide range of vocoders, security gating to filter out undesired traffic and flexible SIP protocol adaptation capabilities all within a cost-effective package. As demands on carrier networks continue to expand, our technology and support offerings are rapidly becoming the solution of choice for tier-1 carriers who require carrier grade equipment with high performance, but with a more reasonable CAPEX and OPEX outlay than what is currently found in today’s market.

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IP network adaptation

Acting as a SIP Back-to-back User Agent (B2BUA) and including a wide range of SIP header manipulation capabilities, our solutions can normalize SIP traffic between multiple disparate networks. Providing high-density media adaptation within the same product ensures that a single solution can do all the jobs required to interconnect all networks.


Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDOS) protection, call admission control and dynamic blacklisting are just a few examples of security features built into our solutions to keep your network safe from undesired traffic and people. We at TelcoBridges want to make sure your resources are spent on your customers’ services, not serving hackers.

Carrier Grade

With more than a decade of experience in network adaptation and deployed in over 100 countries, our solutions are designed for solid interworking. Combining our five-nines (99.999%) architecture with international class 24/7 support, we, at TelcoBridges, know what you are expecting of a carrier-grade system. This is what we deliver for your business and customers, every day, to be successful.

Cost Effective

Using state-of-the-art components and architecture, TelcoBridges proposes high session density and transcoding solutions that will reduce the capital and operation expenses of your network infrastructure.

ProSBC/FreeSBC Session Border Controller is ideal to interconnect carriers