Remote Workers

Remote Office/Workers

Normally, companies that have premise-based PBX's have little to no features they can offer to their remote employees. By adding a ProSBC to your network, you can have a mobility feature that allows your employees the flexibility to work when and where they want without losing the functionality of their office phone system.

Typical Remote Workers Sample

ProSBC Remote Workers.png

Features of the ProSBC

  • Back-to-back user agent (B2BUA)
  • DOS/DDOS protection, dynamic blacklisting, and call access control
  • Easy to deploy, operate and manage through various interfaces including a RESTful API
  • Integrated network troubleshooting tools (traces, media/signaling recording, test call generation, etc)
  • Up to 60,000 simultaneous signaling and media sessions
  • Media transcoding
  • Flexible and extensive routing with SIP headers modification capabilities
  • Fit to install on virtual machines, clouds, bare-metal servers, or TelcoBriges' hardware.



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