End-of-Life (EOL) policy

TelcoBridges End-of-Life Policy

Do not End-of-Life

TelcoBridges has made it a policy not to End-of-Life (EOL) its products.

Unlike some of competitors in the telecom market, TelcoBridges has never yet discontinued any of its merchandise, and the company continues to support all of the telecom equipment it has sold since it was founded in 2002.

TelcoBridges is able to offer its customers such reliability by designing long-lasting and reliable products, and building strong relationships with only the best suppliers that can also commit to a no-EOL policy. The company actively seeks out vendors that will take part in this pledge, allowing it to continuously source materials for its components. Moreover, TelcoBridges takes care to craft long-term supply agreements with its suppliers so that it can avoid circumstances that might result in EOL announcements.

Product End-of-Life Policy

TelcoBridges remains steadfast in its commitment to avoid EOL announcement for any of the products it offers. However, If such a situation should arise, the company has developed a generous EOL plan that guides its customers through a gratuitous transition from their legacy equipment to new devices.

This policy applies to all End-of-Sale announcements from September 1st, 2011 onward.

Product End-of-Sale Announcements

TelcoBridges has never issued any End-of-Sale Announcements.
However, for all variants of TB640 products, we propose our customers new devices which have better performance:

  • For TB640F-8T and TB640-16T, the replacement product is TMG800 or TMP800
  • For TB640F-32T, TB640-64T, TB640-DS3, TB640-STM1 the replacement product is TMG3200, TMP6400 or TMG7800 product family

The new devices support all protocols of the TB640 products.
The new devices have more memory and can run more protocols simultaneously. New protocols integrated by TelcoBridges are added to the new devices only.
The shipping lead time for the new devices is much shorter.
Please contact for more details.