Customer Dashboard: Upgrading a FreeSBC License

A FreeSBC license can be easily upgraded to a ProSBC license, enabling you to increase the number of sessions you needfor your application. You can also choose to purchase 24/7 support, high availability, and integration with Microsoft Teams.

1. Select the FreeSBC license that you wish to upgrade to ProSBC

UpgradeFreeToPro 1.png

2. Fill in the following fields:

  • Location: The location in which the ProSBC is being used
  • Owner Name
  • License: Select ProSBC
  • Provide a PO Number
  • Select the number of years. (One year minimum)
  • Sessions: Starts from 500 sessions per year
  • Select options as required
    • 24/7 Support
    • High Availability
    • Microsoft Teams integration

UpgradeFreeToPro 2.png

3. Click the check mark.

  • Follow the onscreen instructions to pay for the license.